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Friday, September 15, 2017

[Pparco] Digimon Tri shop part 4 merchandises

Digimon pop up shop at Pparco Limited base Ikebukurou and Nagoya locations will be running between September 30th - Octorber 18th.
If you purchased over 3000 yen in the store, you will recieve one of the two post cards.

The same with the previous movie collaborations, show your chapter 5 ticket to the cashier, you will recieve the chapter 5 cover art postcard (this distribution starts September  30th)

New Digimon bean bag series , includes  previously releasde set
650 yen each

Metal clock 
120,000 yen

Acrylic keychain 
900 yen each

Hard cover note book (A5 size) 
2000 yen 

Cold storage bag with lunch tote bag set
1800 yen
Bath set
2000 yen 

Gomamon ramen bowl
3200 yen

Temperature mug 1800 yen each

Limited base button (random bags)
400 yen each

Bried case 
850 yen

Clear water bottle 
1400 yen

Ticket holder 
1600 yen

iPhone 7 case 
2800 yen 

Metal keychain 
980 yen each 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Digimon Links international release

Info Gematsu
Earlier today someone on NeoGaf discovered Digimon Linkz/Links appears in the Google Play stores

It's listed as Coming soon, no info on the release dates, however you can pre-register for now.
We'll keep you update!

This game was previously released in Japan back in 2016, you can find out more info about this game via our previous posts.
Or input "Digimon Linkz" in the search bar under our banner

Monday, September 11, 2017

[Animedia] October Issue, Appmon ep 50-52 Synopsis

Ep 50: The bond of Hope, Haru and Gaiamon!
(Animedia version is the summary of episode 49. Therefore we'll be translating the Official Toei website's synopsis instead)
A huge shadow suddenly appears in the sky, people are panicing!! Could it be that Leviathan is Appli-realized?! Haru who got the Gaiamon's chip, will he be able to save his precious Yuujin?
Ep 51: 

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Ep 49 sypnosis

第49話 奇跡の最終進化! 神アプモン降臨!


Ep 49: The Miracale Final Evolution!  The God Appmon descents
Leviathan launches  "The Human Applization Plan". People from all around the world are turning into Apps. In order to defeat Deusumon, Eri, Astra and Rei appli-realize their God Level Appmon.

Varied Tri Update, Ai kotoba versions, Ani-on Cafe photos, theater decorations

This time there are four different types of CD cover for the up-coming ending theme for Chapter 5: Ai Kotoba

You can watch the PV here:

TYPE A: includes CD+ DVD  
Artist: Ayumi Miyazaki and Aim
Track list: 
1. Ai Kotoba
3. Ai Kotoba (Karaoke)
4. PTG (Karaoke)

Artist: Ayumi Miyazaki and Aim
Track list:
1. Ai Kotoba
3. Ai Kotoba (Karaoke)
4. PTG (Karaoke)

Track list: 
1. Ai Kotoba (Ayumi Miyazaki and Aim)
2. Wow Wow Yeah Yeah! (Ayumi Miyazaki)
3. Ai Kotoba (Karaoke)
4. Wow Wow Yeah Yeah (Karaoke)
                           Available on CDJapan: Aikotoba [Type C] / Ayumi Miyazaki & AiM
Track list: 
1. Ai Kotoba (Ayumi Miyazaki and Aim)
2. Koigoromo/Garb Of Love (AiM)
3. Ai Kotoba (Karaoke)
4. Koigoromo/Garb Of Love (Karaoke)

Advance premier was screened on September 2nd, the next Nico Nico Toukuban will be on September 29th.

Varied decoration in theaters for upcoming movie release, includes a large wall of farbric for fans to sign in the T.Joy Kyoto theater.

Large banner art of chapter 5 by the Escalator in Shinjuku Baltic 9 theater

And Osaka Umeda Buru 7 Theater

Today is the start of the Ani-ON cafe in Akihabara, many teaser pictures are posted on Namco's offical twitter

Part of the Digimon Namco and Namco collab, Namco Limited Crane game features previous Ani-On Cafe (February) can bages, Pouch purse and A3 size posters.